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Sep 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
. lesotho is now already selling water and power to south africa. and it keeps improving its water management to keep up with the growing needs of its large neighbor. >> the village of mapeleng is tucked away in the lesotho highlands. it's home to some 600 people, who live from their cattle and harvests. despite the high altitude and frequent rains, the region is fairly barren. there are few proper roads here. villagers get around by horse or donkey. nearby is one of the biggest lakes in lesotho. it wasn't always so. there used to be just a small river running through the valley. since the mid-1990s, a 185- meter-high wall was erected in the valley below mapeleng as part of the katse dam project. at 50 kilometers long, the artificial lake supplies neighboring south africa with clean water, and delivers clean electricity to lesotho. the dam is a success because it rains a lot in lesotho. water seeps through every rock face. countless brooks and rivers flow into the valley and the orange river, the biggest river in southern africa. the main region supplied by the reservoir is gauteng
Sep 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
in guatemala toxic legacy -- how south africa's coal mines contaminate the country's ground water and the nail collector -- one man's mission to make roads safer in jakarta there's still no easy answer on how we should cope with the sheer endless mountains of rubbish modern society produces. let's pick out one example -- just to keep our cars running, we globally throw away some 1.3 billion tires every year. it seems impossible to get rid of them -- unless we start using them as a resource. that's the idea being promoted by a small ngo which is using waste material -- including tires -- in an unusual recycling project. in the small town of san juan comalapa n guatemala volunteers are making buildings with materials most of us would leave exactly where they come from -- the rubbish dump. >> they're in the right place here. the hillside is covered with old tires. all this non-biodegradable waste has been left by the side of the road on illegal rubbish dumps. they collect all the old tires they can find -- either at the tire dealers or here. >> we are collecting tires to build a school. we are bu
Sep 23, 2012 5:00am PDT
to our first break a new club in south africa and new or appear in the bay area in different parts of the world in different ends of the quieter and as research of start before we go to the brink what was growing up in south africa like a jewish committee coming to the high holy days >>> they had a vibrant jewish committee her little smaller than when i was growing up and had excellent jewish day schools and excellent synagogues in the sense of a wide number of them and that on the have wonderful memories of this year's growing up in south africa. i lived in a neighborhood with some new friends there and so many children and i knew all the parents and all of the very best of memories and pleased to be able to say the committee itself as for a stroll on to issues zionism a mother was born here my father enough yet and they brought to the country a strong feeling for jewish education and also a strong feeling for zionism that permeated the out the community so when it came to a celebration of israel's but they the entire community turned up in that the indication of that type of jew
Sep 18, 2012 2:30pm PDT
controversial police shootings of striking workers at mine in south africa. >> leaders are also expected to discuss the further strengthening of better ties. european union is the largest trading partner for south africa and 90% of their trade was liberalized agreed to agree that with bmw. >> shiny new bmws have become a popular status symbol for the burgeoning black middle class. the doorman long in this show room. they sell some 60 brand-new models a month. -- they don't remain long in this show room. >> aspiring people, people doing well in their business or well on the corporate ladder and people who are up and coming, black people have done well for themselves and becoming better people. >> >> the powerful status symbols are manufactured right here in south africa. this young man is working in frame and body construction. he has been on a full-time contract for one year and makes 800 euros a month. he used to do the job as a low- paid temporary worker. >> the only difference is now i know i'm on a contract. i can be able to satisfy my needs in order to buy my needs. that's the only
Sep 27, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the greenback, trading at a value of $1.2915. >> industrial action continues to spread across south africa's mining sector, and concern is growing about the impact of the economy there. traders are also eyeing possible impact on the price of gold. >> among the affected companies, the world's third largest producer of gold, and it employs 35,000 people in south africa. most of them have now walked off the job. >> the striking south african miners are determined to get more money for their grim job. theirs is a physically demanding task fraught with danger, and they say only the rich mine owners benefit from their efforts. >> we work underground, and it is extremely hot down there, but we are not paid enough money. >> to put it bluntly, we want money. if management does not accept our demands, the strike will go on indefinitely. >> miners are among the worst- paid workers in south africa. the growing strikes followed unrest in the platinum industry. in august, clashes at a platinum mine left over 40 dead, 34 shot by police. the company finally agreed to wage hikes of up to 22%, but now gold,
Sep 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. celebrations in south africa, the miners accused of murdering the colleagues released from jail following a dramatic u- turn. nearly impossible as how the n n u.n. envoy t t syriaa despite hs job in a frank discussion of the bbc. flames continued to burn in california and will introduce you to the four-legged firefighters helping to supply the front lines. welcome to our viewers on pbs and america and around the globe. there has been more violence in south africa as tear-gas was fired outside a gold mine near johannesburg. it comes just weeks after police shot dead 34 striking miners. at the first -- the worst violence since the end of apartheid. they are detained and charged with murder. public pressure forced prosecutors into a u-turn in the first group of miners were released. >> inching their way to freedom, dozens of protesters arrived in the clothes they were arrested in a fortnight ago. there are charged with the murder of their colleagues but prosecutors dropped the charges, setting them free. as families away, it is clear it could be just a temporary reprieve. the judicial inquir
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
are an important part of his enduring popularity. >> in south africa, the remaining 160 workers from the platinum mine have been freed after a controversial murder charges were dropped. but the pay dispute at the mine continues because the breakaway union has refused to sign a deal with the owners. our correspondent is at the mine. >> relief that more protesters walked free today from core. as murder charges were withdrawn against them. just hours after a mass march, a break through overnight. management in all but one of the trade unions have signed a police -- a peace accord, paving the way for wage talks in the next few days, but those talks will only begin when mine workers return to their jobs. >> it is important for people to return to work. that frees us up to the gauge in this negotiation and to find ways that we are -- to ensure that we are finding ways to negotiate a resolution. >> the document spells out the must report back to work monday, but it does not talk about demands as workers. >> meanwhile, bleak scenes at the mine today. the grim weather conditions seemed a fitting metaphor
Sep 26, 2012 9:00pm CDT
big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. ellen >> since for is going to south africa in 1998 rodriguez has built a loyal fans here here's his story of fame, a delayed but not denied. i am still cognizant and conscious. lincoln heights chicago september 20th as a sellout crowd 47 year-old musician discovered 43 years ago but he was too shy to face the audience he still wants to bring focus on the music rather than the fans. i usually have my eyes closed or i am sitting near other musicians in the band. rodriguez's first album colfax all song's original that he had himself, the billboard gave him a rare rave review predicting great success, his lyrics poetic intelligent and stifle creative reflective of the political times of his youth taking issue with power structures and encouraging defense warning the establishment's their days were numbers. the record lumber told rodriguez his album into the follow-up recorded in london went nowhere in the u.s.. >> i have no idea how your music came to south africa but i am extremely thankful and appreciative of that. >> somehow cold fa
Sep 1, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >>> in south africa, minors face charges for the death of colleagues even though the police fired the shots. 38 people killed and 70 others injured. the fellow workers are charged over a law that blames them for taking part in the unrest. the charges are sparking public outrage in south africa's justice minister wants to hear from prosecutors why they are charging the minors. >>> fighting in syria. caught in the cross fire, helpless, unarmed civilians. many sought sangt ware chanting turkey is their only hope. nic robertson joins us been telephone. good morning. how many fled to turkey and what are the living conditions like for the refugees? >> caller: there are about 80,000 -- others -- there are 8,000 estimated across the border from where i am. we walked across there a few hours ago, a half mile from where we are standing, inside syria. the border is controlled by the free syrian army. inside there, there are people who are literally camping out in the open with their family, women, children. blankets on the ground. there are supplies being brought to them. i spoke to one young man who said
Sep 5, 2012 2:30pm PDT
of striking miners in south africa have marched. >> the situation was quite tense today, and a heavy police presence as well, and this was the largest protest since police shot dead 34 miners last month. >> the government is trying to mediate talks to end a pay dispute between the miners and management. >> the strike is now in its fourth week. the miners are demanding a pay rise to the equivalent of around 1200 euros a month, more than double their current salary. the demonstration remained peaceful, despite the police presence. it was a very different scene last month. police sent to break up a fight between rival union groups at the mine opened fire on protesters, killing 34 people. the militant association of mineworkers and construction workers has been involved in a violent turf war with the national union of mineworkers, linked to the ruling anc. strikes have spread to other mines like the gold fields mine, where 12,000 workers down their tools. south africa earns around 20% of its gdp from mining. this man was expelled by the ruling anc, and now blames his own party for the unrest. >
Sep 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. iraq -- on sunday for two politically-motivated murders. >> in south africa, thousands of miners remain on strike, despite the deadline to return to work. workers are demanding wage increases and better working conditions. labor unrest is posing an increasingly serious challenge to the african national congress power in south africa. >> in rome, police have broken up a demonstration after several protesters threw bottles and fireworks at officers. several people were injured. the demonstration was organized by alcoa workers who want the government to say they're threatened aluminum plant. the shutdown would put around -- to save their threatened aluminum plant. the shutdown would put around 2,000 jobs at risk. it is a big day for kosovo. >> also, london's lavish farewell to the olympics. more on that after the break. >> welcome back. we start this half of the show in kosovo. they have taken another important step toward independence. >> they have cut the cord formally ending its mandate to monitor the albanian majority's protection of minority rights. >> some will stay on to keep and le
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
into the middle of johannesburg's busy traffic. here south africa is pioneering the first public high speed bus system on the continent. it currently connects soweto with down town johannesburg using separate bus lanes and modern technology. each of the speedbuses in service replaces 40 cars, saving around 40 000 tons of co2 emissions per year. a win/win scenario with great potential for the future. >> it's early morning here in soweto -- time for curvin abdull to say goodbye to his mother and his niece. he's a bus driver, and can't be late for work. but he is not taking a bus himself -- the next bus stop is too far away. instead he takes a minibus taxi. they are one of south africa's most important means of transportation. they don't follow a set route, and passengers have to negotiate the fare themselves with the driver. not long ago, curvin abdull was also a taxi driver but didn't enjoy it. >> you get a lot of break downs, you pick up a lot of problems with other drivers. you get other taxi associations' drivers that work on your routes and they take your people. >> abdull gave up his taxi a
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
of thousands protest against the yet more cuts. south africa politician charged with money laundering. the allegations against the julius malema are politically motivated, say critics. it's midday in london, 7:00 in the morning in new york, 2:00 in the afternoon in damascus, two large explosions have shaken damascus near the military general staff headquarters. explosions and the smoke over damascus and it shattered windows in nearby buildings. free syrian army said they carried out the attack. bombs and bullets are not the only weapons in this war. we have had firsthand evidence of rape being used by government forces. we have spoken to some of the victim's. is contains graphic accounts of the attacks taking place. >> it is just one of the many roads on which they flee. quarter million refugees. they bring a handful belongings and stories of crimes that haunt the survivors. wass woman said she arrested at a checkpoint and later repeatedly raped along with three other women. >> a daily rape took place in front of the other girls. that's the time they would take off the blindfold so th
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
at drawing attention to violence against whites in south africa. >> what we are coming to washington, d.c. for this weekend is a righteous cause. we are coming to shine a light on a very dark situation for people in south africa. >> we live in 2012 and still having white supremacy groups march, that's not cool. >> both groups plan to assemble at lincoln park. police plan to be there as well to make sure it stays peaceful. >>> what was supposed to be a day of peaceful protests ended up with 17 people dead. dozens more injured. secretary of state, hillary clinton, met with the foreign minister of pakistan. a california man produced and then posted on youtube. >> we found the video that is at the core of this series of events. offensive, disgusting, reprehensible. but that does not provide justification for violence. >> clinton appears in a u.s. government ad that is airing up to ten times a day on pakistani tv. in india, students shouted death to america, burning the american flag. protesters beat an effigy of president obama and burned a box that was supposed to be his coffin. protes
Sep 16, 2012 2:00pm EDT
trueness for makes -- transformations. two others i like to talk about. one is the south africa transformation. and, you know, south africa was as most of you know, an appar tide country. very brutal to the black south africans. it had a divided media within the country so the african language really never knew any other story other than what the state was telling them which was all their side nelson mandela was the token terrorist. where as the english language and the african language media were telling a cleatly different story. and we're showing the abuses and the killing that was going on and the utter wrongness of an appar tide society. they couldn't solve that alone in south africa. there was too much lopsided power. over the years, journalists kept taking the story to the next level and the next level, and the next level untilrd businesses got involved governments got involved, sanctions, business sanctions, economic sanctions, until finally decades and decades and decades later we see the transformation in south africa. what if nobody knew that information? what if nobo
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
i respected the boycott when there was apartheid in south africa. we were contemplating sending the film there and i lobbied against it. >> talk about the parallels teammate. >> apartheid ones? first of all in israel and the occupied territories, there is this gigantic wall which i think is the most offensive symbol of the apartheid. it that only segregates the palestinians from the israelis, but the same time, they have stolen some of palestinian land. they essentially have stolen what was all of palestine. and it is just horrible to see the treatment of the people. the checkpoints are dreadful. we went through some of them. and the way the palestinians are treated is so reminiscent of the way black people were treated in the south when i was growing up. it is an intolerable situation and that our country backs mr. mumbai standing with israel through thick and thin is just unbearable -- >> i want to turn to a clip of archbishop desmond tutu talking about apartheid, talking about south africa, and talking about israel. >> coming from south africa and looking at the checkpoints a
Sep 13, 2012 9:00am PDT
. thank you very much. >>> strikes are sweeping across south africa as miners stand up after a massacre. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! [ dog ] we found it together.upbeat ] on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. >>> labor unrest still sweeping across south africa's mining sector at both platinum and gold mines workers are still on strike. they are blocking entrances to mining shafts, holding up production as well. they are upset about more than just their pay. >> reporter: scenes like this, thousands of mine workers walking off the job and demanding higher wages,
Sep 5, 2012 12:00am PDT
an international superstar, because i saw -- i was in south africa, i went to cape town, and there were billboards of you all over the place? >> are you serious? >> jimmy: yeah. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. that's my people. that's my people over there. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i didn't see any of that over there. i just saw people drinking wine like this. >> that is true. south africa is different. it's different. south africa is like marina del rey with a lot of -- when i landed i didn't see any black people. >> jimmy: not at all? >> not when i first landed. i was like what is going on? >> jimmy: you went to the olympics, too. >> yeah, i took my daughter to paris. bonjour, bonjour. >> jimmy: you're very close to your daughter. >> very nice. she took her boyfriend which was -- you know, that's tough. he's a real cool guy. and so we took them to paris, and they were watching the olympics, and i said you all going to go to the olympics, huh? it was like, man, it would be so cool. we got what you would consider like, you know, like a southwest airli
FOX Business
Sep 23, 2012 2:00am EDT
it in north korea and south africa and cutting off the west bank and the gaza strip and done if with honduras in 2009 and ith the sudan. i think the muslim brotherhood is a long-term event and al-qaida influences. we don't know if our tax money is going to ours and intelligence officials tell me they would support cutting off pakistan as well and the cheap yest best way to do is it is to u.s. companies to stop doing business with pakistan. >> victoria, is there any possibility that the money is going to terrorist who are there killing our ambassadors. shouldn't we cut it off and better to be safe than sorry? >> i think no doubt the money is going to terrorist. but it is not track there is no accountable in foreign aid. can can we need to spread democracy in the middle east. if you cut off nw you will see the real rise to al-qaida and that is a threat to our national security and don't throw it off. instead of weak commitments from the government leaders, let's hold them accountable. >> that is specifically what senator rand paul is saying. first we must demand accountability. and before we gi
Sep 9, 2012 8:00am PDT
've rated films from classic to contemporary and have a lot of movies from south africa and also have from people in the bay area with a film >>> i thought it was in that clip. that man looks familiar to read and to some consider the thought about that. i'm not as yet. and you say that it is beyond. the is the cast of thousands and almost a musical on film. is that becoming a little stereotypical or to people still love it? >>> a lot of movies are not doing that anymore with the commercially based. we'll show one and only 1 per year just to bring that back for the can be and she parted it >>> out of the people walking to the festival expect the most only that that is our gateway drug in a sense. we polled in in in that way carried >>> and where is the beyond common? >>> at the comes from the whole south asian from india and pakistan and nepal and all those countries. and of a south asian living in the bay area and united states and so we have a loss of asians sure in their films and so we have shows from coast to coast. and also some feature filmmakers >>> his famous and he was here years
Sep 18, 2012 4:30am PDT
of the victims were from south africa. a spokesman for another tour group claimed responsibility. sitting as a response to the same video. that means that until further notice most u.s. soldiers will not interact with the afghan counterparts. the decision comes after recent violence involving afghan soldiers turning some coalition soldiers attacking them. the 21 coalition soldiers have been killed in such taxes here. the video shows the effort to save you up as ambassador to libya. the president of the city shot the video would face of competition as a group of libyan strike to press you chris stevens after finding him go live inside the consulate. eventually they drove into a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >>> if through some got a little more than he bargained for this year. he had to be rescued from a tree under the forced know which and auburn. he jumped on the bridge after sunset last night and got caught on a tree on his way gun. the two crew several hours to rescue him. he's none trouble with the law for jumping from the highest bridge in california. >>> 69 year-old c
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am PDT
and oil also sold off, with oil dipping below $90 during the session. a goldmine strike in south africa has halted output production by 39%. miners at anglo gold and other mines are demanding a pay that's above the country's inflation level. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring and consulting is with us on this thursday morning. and there's a fear factor that's back in the market, mark. > > well, if you want to call a vix over 16 a fear factor. that's still welld/or a goldman > > mark sebastian, have a good trading day. thank you. > > you too. violent anti-government demonstrations in both greece and spain caused a shake-up in the markets yesterday. stocks slid after violent footage between police and protestors put the euro crisis front and center for investors. however, michael iannaccone of mdi investments tells first business that the ripple effect on the market is likely temporary. "it's a continuing problem. until they come to a solution that seems viable, then that would be a positive to the market. so it is just a weight on the market, but the weight hasn't increased, so it's
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
you have some supply disruption elements too. if you look at what is going on in south africa. pgm's platinum and paladium have done better than gold and silver. i don't think anything changes here, i think the metals get that on the pgm. if you look at fisher, this is like looking at the mini series "lie to me". this is called the correlation risk xgt the dollar is going down because of qe. it is 0.96. like you can't sit there with a straight face. that is what is going on. if you are going to trade gold, oil or anything else, you have to know what happened today. for example, there was no spr rumor. there was no fat finger. that is what is driving the commodity markets. >> can we talk about this weird par tu pattern of training? you pull up the chart on say esv. you see the explosion to the upside and then it falls lower. the theory is that they bought into the cloves and then had to dump the thing. >> you have had two incidences in two days. you have had the oil market fall on rumors and when you have two events such as this, what is someone's propensity to step up and trade? my
Sep 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
in south africa today after 270 platinum miners were charged with the murders of 34 fellow miners. those miners were shot dead by police officers. the miners were involved in a deadly clash with police officers two weeks ago. south africa's justice minister is demanding an explanation and the release of the miners. victims have rejected an apology from the german inventor. the drug taken by pregnant women caused thousands of babies to be born with shortened arms and legs. foreyears victims have demanded justice. the head of the group says the apology is too little too late. >> i have read the speech and the so-called apology. it's the sort of apology you give when you're really not sorry. i suspect he might not know what shock is. shock is having your precious child born without arms and legs. it's accepting that your child is not going to have that life that you wanted for her. >> thalidomide was not approved for widespread use in the united states. >>> a new chapter in penn state's tarnished history ends in defeat today. the nittany lions lost the season opener to ohio university. it w
FOX Business
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of state quinten stop in south africa and there was a scene of her cutting a rug on a dance floor in south africa. people look at this as ridiculous. secretary clinton has been running the clock on the syrian people. we do nothing about syria. if we do want to help them, we would on them. we went with them. we would come to the rescue. we just want them to wait. cheryl: but maybe the russians to that, doctor. maybe the russians are stepping into syria. >> exactly. the friends of the sheer math are reliable. but iran and russia and hezbollah in beirut -- they are friends with the friends of the syrian people are not. cheryl: basically sharon said israel should be eliminated yesterday. but at the same time, netanyahu telling america that you have to draw the red line. is that a concern? israel and iran? >> they did not change. then we threaten them on time after another. the iranians are hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. the iranians don't think that they will be hit. there are two things that are too big to be struck. this is the opposite principle. if we're going to take on the irani
Sep 18, 2012 5:00am PDT
of a small sedan into a minibus carrying foreign aviation workers. eight of the victims were from south africa the other four were after and split a spokesman for another to the group claimed response ability say it's the response of to the same the list as assist in the military patrols with afghan patrols. until further notice most u.s. soldiers were not interact with the afghan counterparts but the decision comes after recent violence involving all afghan soldiers turning a cold since soldiers. how do on coalition soldiers have been killed in such attacks this year. police video shows the effort to save the u.s. ambassador to libya. a resident of the city shocked if the deal with this stuff on which shows a group of libyan strike to rescue chris stevens after finding him guilty of live inside the consulate. eventually drove him to our hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >>> a big jump a plan to land in the american river. study get caught in the tree. a jump for the force the bridge and auburn of the make all the way down. now he's finally in trouble if or jumping off the hi
Sep 18, 2012 4:00am EDT
federation of unions and stressed south africa could not afford to slip into another recession. those comments were made ahead of the scheduled visit to brussels where he's due to discuss the strike and various trade issues. julia has gone over to brussels for more on that. so so much focus on the disruptions at the hospital. what is the outlook now for resource output? >> all we've seen from the likes is that they've now cut it for the second time. yesterday that was the announcement. it looks pretty bleak. we saw a 30% drop and this does represent 56% of the exports of south africa. so certainly where the trade balance is concerned, it's very concerning. but i do think in terms of the international community, the president will likely use this as an opportunity to calm things down and say that he does have the situation under control. and it will be isolated to the mining sector. there's certainly been concern that perhaps the social unrest could spread back into the manufacturing sector which is also suffering at the moment. 30% of the exports of the south african nation do flow in
Sep 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in south africa or the pro-democracy europe in. these were movements that tended to be years long in the making. because of the relatively open flat forms are social media. movements that would have taken years now take days, months, weeks. the information environment has been enriched because of social media. that was a brand consequence in the context of the revolutions. so in tunisia, most people know the story of mohamed fruit and vegetable vender lightening hymn on fire of december 17 of 2010. what people don't know in that then unleashed a serious of protests that unleashed the arab spring. what people don't understand is why relatively isolated event in a small town in knew teesha was able to quickly spread through tunisia. the able was to quickly spread through tunisia the protest themselves were captured over mobile phones. the video were cure rated and too knee shans people would relatively small social media following were able to reach huge numbers of people through things like satellite television and social media more broadly. the third thingic we can say is that soc
Sep 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
that a number of hedge funds have made a mint in recent weeks since turmoil in south africa shut down major platinum mines. going long that metal. more when we come back. if you are one of the millions of men who have used androgel 1%, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are, or may become pregnant or are breast feeding should not use androgel. s
Sep 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
years ago to give very interesting kind of judicial trip to south africa which is a fabulous constitution, modern constitution and a wonderful supreme court. the south african constitution gives people all kinds of positive rights of the right to housing and education and a right to health and its job and all this. our constitution of course doesn't. our constitution is of - rights, the government shall not in the bill of rights the government shall not. it's against the power of the government. south africa constantly rights they have no limit the supreme court has no limitation on jurisdiction. somebody can come into court and say the constitution promises me a job and i don't have a job. what are you judge is going to do about that? on the one hand it's very wonderful not to have these barriers and on the other hand it's quite a problem for the court because the court cannot actually effect giving that plaintiff of job, and so it's left in a situation where there's lots of promise that had been given the court can't fulfill so there is a gap that has grown of expectations
Aug 31, 2012 11:35pm PDT
for "nightline" in south africa. >> oh, well thank goodness for the cage and thanks to nick. next, just in time for the last big barbecue weekend of the summer, one great griller tells you the secrets of the pit. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. wells fargo. together we'll go far. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >>> well, folks, this is it, the end of summer, with that the last days of the summer barbecue season. we're sending you off into labor day weekend with somehow-tos from a man who takes his grill very seriously. owner of daisy mae barbecue in new york cit
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